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Nick Kosobucki

Throughout my academic career, I have been exposed to many learning tools and programs that aimed to help students understand concepts in different areas of learning. Many have been helpful and many have not. Regarding Dr. Ketan Trivedi’s General Chemistry flashdrive, it has been the best learning tool I have ever used personally in all of my years as a student.

The first thing that really stood out to me was the breakdown of each concept word by word. Often times, programs like this one will show the person talking while teaching, but that always created distraction for me personally. On Dr. Trivedi’s flashdrive, however, the words of the person speaking appear on the screen as they are being said. So not only can one hear the concept or definition, but can read it for themselves as well.

The next thing that I really liked about this program is that right after the concept or calculation has been explained, there is a step-by-step interactive example following it. Here, the concept or process is reemphasized, and the student is the one completing the problem or finding the answer to the question. This particular part of the program has really helped me the most when it came to learning the concepts previously explained.

The last thing that I enjoy the most about "Chemistry in a Flash" is the many practice problems available at the end of each chapter. Each problem has a step-by-step solution available if one cannot figure out how to obtain the correct answer. When a solution is offered, it is explained the exact same way it was taught earlier in the lesson. Also, there are timed practice problems which can really help one to sharpen test-taking skills in terms of doing calculations in an appropriate amount of time. It is these practice problems that really helped to solidify my understanding of the concepts being taught.

Dr. Trivedi’s General Chemistry in a Flash was the best learning program that I have ever purchased. I would tell anyone currently enrolled in General Chemistry to purchase it for themselves, as it has made all of the difference for me.

- Lee Kordella

"Chemistry in a Flash is also a great tool for preparing for tests. There are many types of practice problems at the end of each section."

The general chemistry flash drive produced by Trivedi Chemistry has been a very helpful tool for understanding general chemistry. I like the program better than the textbook because the textbook has a lot of filler words and paragraphs instead of just the main points. Reading through a chemistry textbook takes hours and then I still have to practice problems and make sure I understand how to work them. I cannot always read and understand. I learn best by example and visualization. The program provides both, as well as other tools, like interactive problems, that help me to learn.

The nice thing about the program is that you can go straight to the chapter or section of a chapter just like you can in a textbook. If I am doing homework and I can't remember an equation or how to solve a problem I can pop in the flash drive and go right to that section. I can review the principles or I can go through practice problems similar to my homework. The flash drive is also a great tool for preparing for tests. There are many types of practice problems at the end of each section and chapter. Some of the problems are interactive and walk you through the problem, while others test you and if you can't get it right there is a solution. There are also practice tests at the end of each chapter. You should use the practice tests only when you think you understand the material well. These are timed tests, but they help you to see if you can solve problems in a reasonable time frame.

Dear Trivedi Chemistry,

I have purchased your AP Chemistry Flash Drive about a year ago, and it was very helpful in preparing me for my Chemistry Regents (NY State Test). I have recently finished AP Biology and will be taking AP Physics 1 next year (I am planning on taking AP Chemistry in my senior year, which will be two years from now, so don't worry, your flash drive will be used for its intended purposes :)). I believe that for the next step, it would be very helpful for students that you also make flash drives with content such as the one in your AP Chemistry flash drive for other APs, such as AP Biology, AP Physics (1, 2, and C) AP Environmental Science, and any other science related APs. I believe that you, as a company, can achieve more in the future by helping students and teachers to create these flash drives that can be recognized by College Board as resources that can help students earn a 5. It would help them to understand the knowledge better and they won't have to carry around textboo ks just for those subjects. I hope to see a brighter future for students such as I and for you in creating products such as the AP Chemistry in a Flash.

Faisal Karim   Sophomore

Teacher Reviews


If you can afford this or have an admin buy you a copy or a few copies it's so worth it! I piloted a few units with a few of my AP Chem kids and non AP kids. Every single one asked: "why didn't we use this in Chem II?"plus there are TONS of practice problems and exams -- teacher copy comes with answers. Plus it's great for "teacher remediation" for any of us that haven't taught certain topics in years... Or if we are dealing with a short timeframe.

Was an awesome week, great to meet all of you!

Shawn Hampt
Science - Chemistry and Physics
Manchester Valley High School

Dr. Trivedi and John Madis,

I want to thank you for your product, Chemistry in a Flash. Being an AP Chemistry teacher, working in a charter school where I was responsible to prepare my kids for the AP Chemistry test in one year (without a prerequisite chemistry class), trying to teach this content within the 2014 redesigned content requirements has been much less challenging this year. Also, Trivedi Chemistry has had such fantastic customer service this year and has helped me use this novel AP Chemistry Flash Book to finish the content successfully. In fact, I even had 3 weeks to review with my kids before the May AP Chemistry test this year.

I particularly loved the interactive solution practice problems at the end of each chapter and the timed content multiple choice tests built into your product. I also appreciated the answers to the homework questions were not available on Google or any other searchable website. This allowed me to see my students pushed to work these problems on THEIR own, collaborate with other students, or see me for help if they were struggling. Because of their inability to get problem answers on the internet, I assigned all homework problems at the end of each Flashbook chapter.

After this year’s AP Chemistry exam, all students said there were prepared and they felt there were no significant surprises on the exam. I am looking forward to seeing their results on the AP Chemistry test this July.

I would whole heartily recommend Chemistry in a Flash as a replacement for the HUGE and less effective college chemistry books the AP College Board requires us to use to teach this class. It flips any AP Chemistry class so well.

Annie Cardenas
AP Chemistry, Life Science, Physical Science Teacher, Math and Science Academy
Woodbury, Minnesota