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 "Free" Chemistry textbooks (e-books)

These books will work on any device that has internet access

DO NOT underestimate the content & pedagogy of this e-book just because it is free!!

The Interactive software along with online Homework is one of the best tools to Teach and Learn chemistry 

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  A.P. Chemistry Audio/Video

textbook (e-book) 

Hundreds of solved examples
This is a complete A.P Chemistry textbook
The book is "Free"

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Online Homework


More than 2000 Questions  

Detailed answers, audio narrations and video explanations

Teachers/Professors can assign homework for multiple tries with average grade to be reported

Students get a thorough guidance and direct link to the e-book from the choices to teach and enhance their understanding 

All this included at no cost with the flash drive (Conditions apply)

Individual cost for homework $39.99/academic year with 8 or more purchases


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 Interactive, Animated,


College Chemistry

textbook (e-book)

Try interactive questions at the end of each chapter 

Hundreds of solved examples

This is a 2-semester Chemistry textbook

The book is "Free"



A flash drive version of the interactive software program (no internet required) is by far the best product for home school, high school college, college Chemistry

and A.P Chemistry 

1. Easy to use

2. The flash drive is your tutor that will teach you chemistry by assuming one does not know any chemistry.

3. Best for online education. Specially when there are NO in person classes.

4. Best value in terms of cost, time spent and material learned.

5. In many instances, the software is more efficient, patient and teaches you interactively in a step by step approach. 

6. More than 160 narrators.

7. Economical, efficient and offers most return for the time spent.

8. You will learn Chemistry from scratch to freshman level without intimidation or fear.


We have Mac Flash Drives for AP, GOB, High School and College Chemistry.

The Mac drives will run on macOS Mojave. The Mac drives will not run on macOS 15. On the net there are different options given to run a 32 bit program on Mac Catalina.

If you want a Mac flash drive, you will need to call at 540-552-5882 or send us an email at

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Chemistry in a Flash courses are highly interactive software that come on a flashdrive for PC. They are upgradeable, approved by the College Board and don't need the internet!

We offer AP Chemistry, High School Chemistry, College Chemistry, Introductory Chemistry and GOB. College Chemistry comes in a PC downloadable version, while GOB, Introductory Chemistry and College Chemistry include an online homework and testing service for use in classes.

Our software takes you through entire courses, step by step, with added features along the way, like video demonstrations, interactive problems with solutions, practice tests and interactive periodic tables.

Interactivity changes everything. It’s more than reading and remembering. It’s watching…listening…doing. What textbook can ask you a question, analyze your response and correct you if you are wrong?